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Medication Adherence: What Is the Role of an NEMT?

Taking medications is an essential aspect of overall health and better recovery. Yet, the problem of non-adherence is still present today. Non-adherence means patients are not following the prescriptions or medicine’s instructions correctly. When they don’t adhere, worse complications may occur and the risk of another attack is imminent. One of the reasons why patients … Continue reading

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What to Prepare Before the NEMT Vehicle Arrives

NEMT service can help individuals who have physical disabilities or limited mobility to travel to and from places. Individuals in a wheelchair will have an easier time traveling with this particular transportation service. Those who are going for medical appointment services in Houston, Texas will benefit from this service as well. When booking for the … Continue reading

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3 Reasons Why NEMT is All You Need

If you have physical disabilities or limited mobility, going to and from places can be a hassle. It can be quite troublesome to transport your bulky wheelchair with you to the hospital for medical appointment services in Houston, Texas. All the difficulties that come with it can dampen your enthusiasm. Moreover, you will need the … Continue reading

NEMT and Dialysis Patients: 2 Ways That It Can Help

For people who are not in an emergency situation, but still requires specialized assistance and equipment that most transportation options cannot offer, non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) is the solution. Statistics show that 25% of patients miss a medical appointment due to transportation problems. For these people, NEMT services are a necessity. For example, imagine if … Continue reading