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Make a Parent’s Hospital Discharge More Comfortable

Finally, your senior parent will be out of the hospital! That’s great news! To ensure the success of your loved one’s recovery, Good Hands Medical Transportation LLC suggests for you to: Be present during the time of discharge Your presence means more than just moral support. Being there also allows you to consult with your … Continue reading

How Do You Prepare for Dialysis?

Good Hands Medical Transportation LLC has several suggestions that will help you cope: Know your treatment options There are several ways for you to get treated. The session can be done in a dialysis unit, hospital, or even at home. Check with your care provider to know which option is best suited for you. Do … Continue reading

What to Ask a Doctor During Checkups

During our regular medical appointments, it is always important to ask questions. More than that, however, it is also important to know what kinds of questions to ask. The right questions lead to the right answers. So that you can make the most of your doctor’s appointments, you need to ask the doctor the right … Continue reading

Medication Adherence: What Is the Role of an NEMT?

Taking medications is an essential aspect of overall health and better recovery. Yet, the problem of non-adherence is still present today. Non-adherence means patients are not following the prescriptions or medicine’s instructions correctly. When they don’t adhere, worse complications may occur and the risk of another attack is imminent. One of the reasons why patients … Continue reading

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