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How Important Is Non-Emergency Medical Transportation?

What makes Non Emergency Medical Transportation a vital part of health care? Proper Medical Care Through NEMT 65-year-old Fred* had type II diabetes, lived alone, and had no car. His transport problems led to missed medications, checkups, and therapy classes. He was admitted into a hospital eventually. Turned out he developed peripheral neuropathy, a complication … Continue reading

5 Reminders Before Leaving the Hospital

Getting discharged from the hospital is a relieving experience for every patient and their family. This means one struggle is already over. However, not everything is cleared yet as the recovery is still incomplete. Aside from arranging for a Non Emergency Medical Transportation to bring your loved one safely home, you also need to keep … Continue reading

When is a Medical Checkup Necessary?

Do you visit your doctor often or only when you feel something is not going well? For some people, medical checkups are routine physical exams that they want to undergo every year. Many companies even require this from their staff to ensure physical stability at work. Because of this, routine checkups can help you gain … Continue reading

Pharmacy Visits: Benefits of Talking with a Pharmacist

What information do you inquire from your pharmacist whenever you visit the pharmacy? Licensed pharmacists are able to assist clients with medical information especially related to their medicines. The next time you visit your local pharmacy with travel assistance from a provider of Non Emergency Medical Transportation, interact with the pharmacist. If you’re uncertain about … Continue reading